Data, Technology and Research for Public Engagement and Campaigns

In today’s increasingly polarized society, it’s more important than ever to understand what motivates people and how to connect with them. RA2 gives public sector, advocacy and political organizations the resources they need to make data-driven decisions, and the technology they need to deliver on their missions.

What We Do

RA2 provides two core sets of services to support public sector, advocacy and political organizations to deliver effective, data-driven campaigns and public engagement:

  • Data and research maps the motives, values and social networks that drive behaviour; and identifies the best course of action.
  • Websites, dashboard and technology give stakeholders the tools and information they need to take action.

No two organizations or campaigns are the same, and we take pride in working thoughtfully with our clients to find the best solutions for their specific needs.

Our Services


Every organization or campaign has unique needs. We identify where data and technology can support your goals and co-develop strategy to collect and leverage the data you need.

  • Data strategy
  • Technology procurement
  • Campaign strategy
  • Public engagement strategy

Research + Networks

Motives, values and social networks shape perceptions and behaviour. We use public opinion research, social network analysis and machine learning to give organizations and campaigns the information they need to make informed decisions.

  • Public opinion survey research (polling)
  • Social network analysis
  • Machine learning and natural language processing
  • Audience segmentation

Websites + Dashboards

We provide campaign websites and web applications that produce actionable data, as well as dashboards that make data readily available to stakeholders and decision makers.

  • Campaign websites
  • Interactive data dashboards
  • Web applications
  • RA2 NationBuilder Reports

Support + Digital

Modern campaigns can be complex. We help campaigns execute on their strategy with campaign technology training and digital advertising services tailored specifically to political, advocacy and public engagement campaigns.

  • NationBuilder Partner Agency
  • Campaign technology training
  • Digital advertising services