Technology for Better Campaigns and Public Engagement

In today’s increasingly polarized society, it’s more important than ever to understand what motivates people and how to connect with them. We founded RA2 out of a concern that divisive technologies are driving us apart. We set out to use research and technology to bring people together instead.

What We Do

We are a full-service public engagement and campaigns consultancy.

RA2 provides three core services: Research to understand the social context, values and opinions that drive decision making; communication and campaign strategy to connect with stakeholders and the public; and technology for more effective, data-driven campaigns and public engagement.


We uncover the social context, values and opinions that drive decision making

  • Public opinion research
  • Network analysis
  • Machine learning and natural language processing


Public engagement technology

  • NationBuilder Partner Agency
  • Ecanvasser Experts
  • RA2 Campaign Analytics


Strategic communications that resonate

  • Campaign strategy
  • Public engagement strategy
  • Digital advertising services

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