We provide our clients with the insights and strategies they need to build common understanding with their audiences and stakeholders.

Survey Research

We design and conduct surveys using a variety of methodologies to achieve the best results for our clients. This includes feilding surveys through web panel, phone and web-recruited, among others. We work with your team to design surveys that ask the right questions with validity—using tested questions to ensure the wording and options are psychologically reliable—so you can answer the questions that matter to your organization. Several of our team members belong to AAPOR and our researchers have both Tri-Council TCPS 2 CORE and CITI Human Subjects Research ethics certification. In addition, we also design qualitative studies and recruit focus group participants and provide focus group services through our partners.

Data Collection Systems

We’re experts at designing and operating data collection systems that give you the information you need. Whether it’s using Google, Facebook, Instagram, email and other analytics platforms; or via in-the-moment surveys, we provide insights that let you know how people are responding to your efforts, allowing you to respond appropriately.

Graph Databases

We use graph database technology to map the relationships in your data and represent it in a network structure. This brings out the connections in your data offering rich insights such as where there are clusters of activity and who are the key connectors in your network or organization.

Social Network Analysis

We understand that building a successful organization or campaign often comes down to connecting the right people. That’s why we use state-of-the-art social network analysis to home in on key connectors and influencers and quickly identify people based on their connections to organizations, events, ideas, and other individuals of interest. Our methods map the social influences that shape decision making so you can take action where it will have the most impact.

Digital Content Creation

We produce a variety of digital content to suit your organizational needs and best engage your target audience. Our team has created videos for social media and YouTube; crafted photo campaigns and infographics; and written newsletters, blog posts and marketing emails for our clients. We’re also skilled at designing eye-catching websites and landing pages. Whatever the format or purpose, we’ll make it happen and we’ll make it memorable.

Content Placement

Running an effective campaign is about more than creating captivating content—it’s also about knowing when, where, and how to deploy it. Using our analytical tools and knowledge of on-the-ground campaigning strategies, we can help you determine the best way to place your content. We’re adept at managing digital content and have a proven track record of running engaging, efficient and adaptable media buys.

Media Monitoring

We track topics across publications and social media profiles. We use this data to identify network influencers and important subtopics so you have the information you need to decide who to reach out to and how to engage with the topics that matter to your organisation.

Development and Implementation

We develop custom software to support a wide variety of data management, data analytics and strategic decision making. Our software leverages machine learning and AI analysis of reviews, social media activity, speeches, articles and other data sources to provide actionable insights to improve your organisation’s efficacy. Custom KPI tracking dashboards and data visualization tools let you see and interact with your data in an intuitive fashion. We also provide software implementation and training for teams and organisations.

NationBuilder Agency + Alliance Partner

We are an official NationBuilder Agency. Whether you’d like a NationBuilder based website developed from the ground up, or you’re seeking customized integrations and reporting mechanisms, our team can help. We also build bespoke NationBuilder designs, themes, and templates to suit your specific needs. Our thorough knowledge of the NationBuilder platform means that we can effectively train your team so they can fully leverage the software.

Ecanvasser Experts

We are certified Ecanvasser Experts. We can get your team set up with canvassing software so you’re collecting the right data in real time to support your campaign. With our expertise in managing campaigns, we can design canvassing surveys and train users to get the most out of Ecanvasser. We also offer advanced analytics support such as predicted support modelling and targeting, as well as integration with existing Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems.