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Get the insights you need to make informed decisions. Measure your impact and find the opportunities.

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Advanced market research and polling methods provide answers to the questions that matter most. Our team can deliver small geography or riding-by-riding responses, choice based design, social network analysis and mixed-mode sampling.

How We Help

Answers that empower decision makers

Good research starts with good questions. We’re here to help ensure your project delivers unbiased results you can act on.

Hear from representative respondents

We employ a range of sampling modes—from online, panel, phone and direct mail—so you hear from the right people.

Understand your distinct constituents

Using advanced data modeling, we provide insights for the small geographic regions that matter such as specific stakeholders, ridings or communities.

See the connections

Our reporting and dashboards empower you to take action with confidence. We offer bespoke reporting and dashboard options that make insights easy to access and share.

Our Services

Survey Research

Full survey research project services from design through to analysis and reporting. Past projects include market research surveys, public opinion polling and stakeholder feedback surveys.

Sampling + Recruitment

Reach the right survey sample and qualitative research participants. Our team has expertise using a diverse range of sampling and recruitment methods that give you access to more respondents from your target population.

Data Modelling

Gain individual level understanding of your customers, constituents and audience members. Leverage machine learning for individual level predictions that enable targeted interventions.

GIS + Contextual Data

Layer together multiple data sources to get a rich understanding of your audience, constituency or region. We bring together open and proprietary data to build detailed geographic and demographic profiles.

Analysis + Reporting

Gain access to the data you need the way you want it—from reports to interactive dashboards.

Advanced Methods

Uncover the influences driving behaviour with choice-based designs (MaxDiff, conjoint, etc.), MRP, segmentation and social network analysis.

Focus Groups + Interviews

Gain rich qualitative insights with focus group moderation and in-depth interview services.

Hard-to-Reach Survey Sample

High quality data is imperative to all forms of research. With declining phone response rates and limited sample size available through online panels, it can be impossible to get quality data for small geographic areas and hard-to-reach populations.

RA2 provides samples of hard to reach and underrepresented populations through controlled, random sampling of online web traffic. Using this method, we can provide sample for hard to access groups such as:

  • Specific political ridings or districts
  • Small geographies such as secondary cities
  • Specific ethnic or visible minority populations
  • Gen Z, Millennials and cord-cutters

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City of Calgary

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Decide Campaigns

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