As a NationBuilder Agency, RA2 provides comprehensive support and development expertise for NationBuilder projects.

NationBuilder Agencies are certified by NationBuilder as partner companies skilled in using and customizing the NationBuilder platform, setting up and managing accounts, and creating custom integrations. Check out our profile on NationBuilder.

Purpose-built Themes

Each organization, campaign or initiative has its own unique needs. That’s why we apply action-oriented design principles to create themes that are specific to your requirements. We have the expertise to develop full site themes, landing pages, email templates and custom integrations with additional tools and services.

Account Guidance

Our team will ensure you get the most out of NationBuilder. We provide NationBuilder set up, training and best practices for your team. We offer support with website management, email communications, domain setup, database organization and use case-specific requirements. We also offer guidance on election rules compliance.

Technology Training

RA2 offers onsite and online training sessions to develop you and your team’s proficiency with NationBuilder. We organize both classroom-style seminars for large teams and hands-on working sessions for smaller groups, either as one-off events or on an ongoing basis. RA2 also produces customized training sessions and reference videos that are specific to your NationBuilder setup.

NationBuilder Insights

Our NationBuilder Insights platform analyzes your NationBuilder data and displays key metrics in a user-friendly interface. It produces a “health report” for your NationBuilder nation that tracks several KPIs—quickly letting you know if your campaign is on track. NationBuilder Insights makes it easy to compare event attendance, email performance and fundraising efforts. Its advanced analytics find the patterns in data so you know what actions to take and who to engage next.

Custom Applications

We develop custom applications for campaigns and organizations that directly support their specific needs. The apps we develop combine data from social media, Ecanvasser, CallHub, NationBuilder, Avochato and voter files, among others. This lets you tailor your campaign operations and target your outreach efforts as effectively as possible. Past applications developed by our team have successfully predicted behaviours down to the individual level.