Who we are

We're RA2, a technology, research and communications consultancy.

The mission of RA2 is to design technologies and strategies that enable bridge-builders to succeed by outperforming divisive and polarizing tactics. We work with nonprofits, political organizations, private firms, and government agencies to get their message across in today’s increasingly polarized world.

Leveraging state-of-the-art AI, social network analysis, applied research methods, behavioural science, and technical expertise; we provide a combination of research, analysis, technology implementation and training, software development, and communications strategy. This supports our clients as they develop policy, improve communications, convene influential individuals, identify supporters and monitor public opinion.

The team

Cameron Raynor


Cameron specializes in programs and research that leverages social network analysis, moral psychology and behavioural science. He has worked with an international breadth of clients across politics, not-for-profit and business; supporting them in reaching and relating to their stakeholders.

Ian Anderson

Product and Operations Director

Ian designs and implements technology that helps organizations better engage with their supporters. He has collaborated with several leading campaign technology providers and has a breadth of experience equipping teams with the tools they need to succeed.

Lei Meng

Data Scientist

Lei applies data analysis and machine learning models to understand complex data. He develops data structures and analysis that underpin RA2’s custom analytics software. Lei holds a Masters of Engineering from the University of Calgary.

Dami Itabiyi


Dami creates beautiful and usable things. She brings a wealth of expertise in web, print, and UX/UI design, which she applies to RA2’s client projects and software development. Dami holds a Bachelors’ of Science in Architecture and is trained as a graphic designer.

Greg Clark


Greg is an experienced entrepreneur, board director and community leader. He co-founded a successful management consulting firm with expertise in information governance and currently serves as Board Chair of the Balancing Pool. Prior to that Greg served his community in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as MLA for Calgary-Elbow.

Ian McAnerin

Senior Digital Strategist

Ian makes brands discoverable online. He is a globally recognized expert in SEO and digital marketing, which he has applied to governments, multinational companies and NGOs. He has led projects with Disney Hotels, Thomson Reuters and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, among others.